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I wanted to share my experience photographing a fellow photographer and friend, Victoria Macken. (www.victoriamacken.co.uk)

It’s a weird thing that as photographers we make our living from photographing others, yet we rarely give ourselves the same treatment.

This is one of my favourite shoots of this year. My personal mission was to explore and capture the many wonderful facets of Victoria’s personality. This is my second shoot of Victoria, and I was delighted to see the way she has grown, not only as a photographer , but also as a person. I really wanted to do her justice!

It was fun organising the clothes and concepts. I think that Victoria discovered first hand, that being a photographer doesn’t automatically mean you know exactly what to wear on your own shoot, despite being very experienced in advising others!

It can be very confusing deciding what to wear, how to to look, and what you want the images to capture and say.

We narrowed our focus down to  5 key looks

Look 1 …The professional

AATamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0059


AATamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0066Looks 2,3 and 4 …the girl without the cameraTamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0068

Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0080

Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0131

Behind the scenes break_MG_0105_WEB_WEB

Look 5 … Soulful

aaTamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0147



Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0154

Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0104

Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0092

Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0164



Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0099

Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0177

Tamara Peel. V,Macken,photographer,female_0110

The fabulous Victoria Macken!





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