Imagine looking at a photograph of yourself that you LOVE, that you connect with, that fills you with joy and makes you smile.

Imagine having a whole collection of images from which you can select the right photograph for the right occasion …IMAGINE that !


Creative, authentic, environmental photographs of products, services, and technologies will dynamically convey your business’ story. The world is changing; people are using image-based social media sites to make purchasing decisions, meaning it’s essential to invest in powerful, inspirational photography that will do a business and its brand justice. Tamara creates striking, stand-out, compelling image collections that bring businesses and brands to life. Her photography is always relevant to individual marketing campaigns and will be designed to appeal to the specific target audience and meet commercial objectives.

Tamara is passionate about producing exceptional photographs for her clients – some of which she has been working with for over 25 years. Personable, warm and approachable, she makes even the most camera-shy person feel comfortable and at ease. Her upmost aim is to achieve the client’s objectives in a relaxed, enjoyable, and fun environment.



How would you LOVE to be SEEN?