Feb 25, 2022 | Family Portraiture, Fine Art, Portrait

25 years ago, this is one of my first “fine art” photographs.

I was experimenting with what my style was and what I could offer the world, Nowadays this would be me working out my “Brand Identity” .. 

Back then I was having fun, feeling limitless and excited that my business could be anything I wanted it to be, After all I was the Tamara Peel in Tamara Peel Photography!

The only thing I knew for sure was this – I didn’t want to replicate what was happening in the professional portraiture market at that time. For those of you who were not of that time check out this

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this style and it had it’s place, it just wasn’t my vibe!

I had an art and design background and a strong calling to create something bold, fine art with a soul connection.

So in my first studio space I experimented with a personal project of self discovery, This later became a series called “In the Eyes of A Child”. 

This style has stayed with me and strongly influenced my family portraiture today. Take a look at my family portraiture commissions

Framed Art Photograph on Dining Room Wall
Framed Art Photograph on Dining Room Wall.

This early piece of art framed now hangs proudly in my studio. It is a joyous reminder of the artist I truly am first and foremost.

Leandro, the gorgeous child in this photograph is my nephew and he is 30 today!

Happy Birthday Leandro love Tam xox

Fine art photograph of boy holding flower
Fine Art Portrait Boy with Flower

This image was captured on 35mm film and hand printed in a wet darkroom.. The photograph has these lovely pinkish hues because it’s a lith print,

If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you.

Tamara x


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