Inspirational Fine Art nude photography masterclass

Aug 27, 2010 | Training

Tamara is pleased to announce a one off teaching master class event.
Tamara is taking part in a 3 day workshop event alongside the fabulous Jo De Banzie and Damien Lovegrove. This amazing event will take place on Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th September 2010. Wednesday is already fully booked up.
“I’m very excited to be teaching a subject that I am very passionate about…Fine Art nude photography”.

The Nude…
Its fascination has been the driving force behind some of the greatest works of art from the most renowned artists, sculptors and photographers since time began.

My mission
To create a collection of exquisite, gorgeous Fine Art images exploring the beauty, sensuality and pure honesty of the female form. These are the kind of images you will actually want to put on your walls. The tools of my trade will be two Canon EOS cameras, reflectors and hopefully available light.

I want to explore this genre with the intention of celebrating the strength and beauty of a woman.
It’s going to be an exciting day full of fun and plenty of opportunity to create your own masterpiece.

We will be working both indoors and out, weather permitting. To make the most of this unique experience we will style some of the images with props creating a diverse set of images.

I want to share with you some fabulous images I have found on the net whilst researching for our great day.

To book please follow the link.

If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you.

Tamara x


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