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This is definitely one of the most exhilarating and uplifting experiences I have ever had!


Armed with my canon EOS 5D mk2 , with 70-200mm lens and my digital Lieca, a patriotic hat
and union jack flag attached to my back like a super hero, I was good to go! I was accompanied by my good friend
and fellow photographer Sally Wright. We had no plan (except to have a fabulous time and go with the flow!)
We hit the streets of London practically running with excitement at 7.30am. Already the atmosphere was full
of positive energy and promise. Having the freedom to wander the streets of London, with my camera photographing
with gay abandon any one or anything that caught my eye was so liberating – even the police were happy to be
photographed, and very helpful with advice and directions.
There is nothing in this world like the great British public, with there warmth, humor and eccentricity.
This was a truly unique experience that I shall treasure.