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I was about to write an entirely different kind of post until I just watched Melissa Love's "Blog like a Boss" post. I suddenly had an insight, I realised I was about write a post to... I'm not sure who, because... I'm not really sure why. This is probably...


I wanted to share my experience photographing a fellow photographer and friend, Victoria La Bouchardiere. (info@victorialabouchardiere.com) It's a weird thing that as photographers we make our living from photographing others, yet we rarely give ourselves...

Aspire Intensive Training-Group 36

Please take a look at the beautiful images from Aspire Intensive Training. It was a pleasure to teach group 36.

The Royal Wedding – a by standers view

This is definitely one of the most exhilarating and uplifting experiences I have ever had! Armed with my canon EOS 5D mk2 , with 70-200mm lens and my digital Lieca, a patriotic hat and union jack flag attached to my back like a super hero, I was good to go! I was...

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