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I was about to write an entirely different kind of post until I just watched Melissa Love’s “Blog like a Boss” post. I suddenly had an insight, I realised I was about write a post to… I’m not sure who, because… I’m not really sure why. This is probably the reason my blog posts have been sparse to date!
Now, filled with a sudden urge to blog, I’m going to share with you my 5 favourite dog portraits,
Why? Because I want to. They make me smile, and you can’t really have too many fab dog portraits in your life in my opinion!

“Benji The Chief And Great Warrior” by Tamara Peel

This is my dog, Benji. I’ve accessorised here with an indian headdress, an obvious choice! The reason being, Benji doesn’t realise he is a little white fluffy dog – in His head he is a great warrior and chief , leader of dogs,,, To him anything is possible. He is my inspiration!

Tamara Peel _ Benji Cute Dog with indian headress

“Mike”  by Tamara Peel

Michael was lovely to photograph, so gentle and refined. His profile captivated me.Tamara Peel_Mike Black dog-3

“Birdie, the Pug Puppy” by Tamara Peel

Birdie the pug puppy was such fun to photograph. She was so tiny, with those amazing eyes. I wanted to take her home, but that wouldn’t have been right, she belonged to my client!Tamara Peel_-3455

“Portrait of a dog”  by Tamara Peel

This is one of my all time favourite dog portraits. I photographed him over 10 years ago. It was the first time I realised that I could take a serous portrait of a dog in exactly the same way as I did with people.Tamara Peel - Profile Portrait of a Dog


“Inquisitive Puppy” by Tamara Peel

I had the exquisite joy to photograph a litter of working sheep dog puppies on a farm in Wales. They were hilarious! A perfect image to finish on.Tamara Peel_ Cute Puppy- sheep dog

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